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Well-X-Trol Well Pump Storage Tanks Installed – Shallow & Deep

This project was an installation of well pump storage tanks for both a shallow and deep well pump system.

Q. What’s the difference between a “shallow” and a “deep” jet pump?

A shallow well jet pump can pull water from a maximum of 25’ depth-to-water.

A shallow well jet pump has a nozzle and a venturi (a short piece of narrow tube between wider sections for measuring flow rate or exerting suction) of the jet system built into the nose of the pump. In a deep well jet pump setup, the nozzle & venturi are put into an ejector package or “jet kit” that gets placed down in the well.

In this kind of setup there are two pipes connecting the pump to the ejector package. One pipe pulls the water up  with suction while the other pipe pushes some water down to circulate water through the nozzle and venturi. Water moving through the nozzle & venturi creates a pressure differential that helps to bring the water up to the pump.

well pump installation well pump install in CT

The first pre-pressurized well tank was invented over 50 years ago.

Well-X-Trol well pumps utilize high strength steel to deliver 150 psig working pressure which is 20% higher than competitive well tanks.

Well-X-Trol – the world’s most trusted brand of well tanks; setting the standard for quality, reliability and performance. The WELL-X-TROL brand uses a mechanical sealed-in heavy duty diaphragm to allow an air cushion to be pre-pressurized before leaving the factory.

  • The tank design combines
    – High Strength Steel
    – Multi-Dome Construction
    – Highest Working Pressure – 150 psig
    – Thickest Diaphragm
  • Toughest Indoor/Outdoor Coating
  • Best Warranty – 7 Years
  • Clean Water Technology™
  • Antimicrobial Liner Protection
  • Turbulator™ Water Circulation Device
  • DuraBase® Composite Tank Stand