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Well Pump Installation

If you don’t have city water available, you need to install a well system to provide your home with clean, safe drinking water. A well pump extracts water from underground resources. It is the heart of your home’s electromechanical operations.

There are a variety of well pumps available. A typical well water system pulls water from an underground well and saves it in a storage tank where it is pressurized until needed. There are jet pumps and submersible pumps. Jet pumps pull water, while submersible pumps push it upward. Deciding on the kind of pump that is best is determined by the depth of your well as well as other factors.

For this project, Saviour Septic installed a new well pump into a home that had been foreclosed. While the house was unoccupied, all of the copper piping was stolen. Real estate investors often call on us to come in and replace what was taken, so that the house is restored to a livable condition and sold.

well pump installation

If you need well water service and don’t know how to do it yourself, contact Saviour Septic in Connecticut.

well pump installation trol

A new Well X Trol Well tank was installed. Well-X-Trol Professional series tanks deliver unparalleled performance and longevity, making them the most recognized brand on the market. With its sealed air charge and unique water chamber design, Well-X-Trol is the top choice of professionals.

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