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Tree Roots and Your Septic System

roots in sewer drainCovering your septic system with trees, shrubs, and a dazzling landscape may be pretty, but it could be a disaster. We suggest that the best ground cover for your septic system is only dirt and grass. Any kind of plantings with widespread root systems, particularly trees and shrubs, can pose enormous problems on the endurance of your system. Having trees growing in close proximity to your septic system could generate more maintenance calls to service your system than would otherwise be needed.

The Problem with Trees Growing Near Your Septic System

Because you are responsible for the overall health of your septic system, you have to bear the burden of dealing with a tree root issue on your property. Due to the fact that tree roots search for water as they grow by stretching out to find sources underneath the ground, they do pose a problem for septic systems. If you have any kind of cracks in your pipes or joints, the roots will crawl into the pipes to get to the water inside of them. Then, as these roots grow, they can actually block the drainage pipes, causing a huge problem. Not to mention, besides clogging the pipes, they can actually bust them. A sign to watch for with regard the tree roots getting into your system is slow drainage. If you notice that you have slow draining, call a professional septic system service provider, like Saviour Septic in New London county, CT,  immediately to deal with it.  The sooner, the better. Trust us, as the clog gets worse and as sewage starts to back up, you risk experiencing a total septic system failure. In addition, if not fixed quickly, this issue can be further complicated by sewage that can seep into the environment, specifically near your well. The cost to repair a mess like this can be very significant. Therefore, it is suggested that you never plant trees near the leach field.

Dealing with a Tree Root Problem

If you look tree root problems on the internet, it is sometimes suggested that you dump chemicals down the toilet to kill the tree roots. However, never do this!  Doing so can harm your septic system by killing the bacteria inside which is needed in order to break down the raw sewage. We never advise anyone to put any chemicals into their septic system. Rather, give us a call to inspect the problem for you. In almost all cases, our technician will be able to auger the pipes and use a cutter to pull out the roots that are causing the blockage. Sometimes, there is more than one blockage, making it necessary to replace the pipes, specifically the older pipes that have cracks that have allowed the tree roots to get into your system.

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