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Soil Filtration in Your Septic System

Drain Field Soil

Believe it or not, soil plays a key function in the proper operation of your septic system. Most people don’t actually recognize the importance of the kind of soil used in their drain field. In fact, bad soil can be a chief cause of septic system failure.

You see, soil works as a fine filter. It is home to masses of tiny organisms which feed on organic material in the waste from the drain field.

Soil Types

You should know that the consistency of your soil will determine how fast wastewater will be absorbed in the drain field. Soil filtration is the capability of the soil to absorb water. The greatest kinds of soil for drainage or filtration comprise of a balance of abrasive and fine particles.

Soil with a coarse texture, gravel, or coarse sand is normally not sufficient. These soils will permit wastewater to pass too rapidly to deliver sufficient treatment. These kinds of soils actually only work if they are deep. If you currently have a septic system where the soil is inadequate, soil can be brought in to give you the best functioning for your septic system.

Clay Soil Filtration

Another type you may want to be aware of is called “clay soil” where soil mixtures can comprise of small elements of clay. Be advised that clay soil can be used in drain fields. However, the water will actually move through it at a much slower speed than it would in either gravel or coarse-textured soil. Here’s the problem with clay particles – it can potentially swell and block soil channels. This, in turn, slows down the movement of wastewater.  And, if clay elements electronically connect to sodium molecules that are in the wastewater, hardpan may transpire.

clay soil filtration

This means that the channel of wastewater is completely obstructed which could lead to septic disaster. Hardpan conditions in clay soil can be chemically treated.  There are products to treat this situation, and we at Septic Saviour, LLC are skilled and fully prepared to come out to your home no matter the soil issue you may be experiencing.

Always remember that because soil plays such a serious part in the life cycle of your septic system, it is in your best interest to contact the experts.  Caontact Septic Saviour, LLC for all of your septic necessities and any questions you may have.  Ask us about our septic system maintenance program.

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