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Septic Tank Installation for Newbies

Septic Tank Installation

For those of you who may have a home that is not attached to a municipal sewer plant, you probably have a septic system to gather your wastewater, treat and dispose of it. A system such as this needs a septic tank together with a soil absorption system to be set up underground.

septic tank installation in Connecticut

Homeowners take pride in what they work hard to build, and the first step should be to contact a professional who is reputable and honest and can assist them in determining what will work best for their home. Once you’ve done your research and found a reputable, professional licensed contractor, which will most likely be Saviour Septic, LLC, the next step is determining the cost to install your septic tank. That will depend upon the kind of tank you choose.  In any event, Saviour promises fair pricing and quality work.  Below are the tanks you can choose from:


Concrete tanks are the most common. The cost to install a concrete septic tank is average and affordable. Concrete tanks can be vulnerable to cracks or separation.  However, they normally last for a couple of decades. It will be vital to get this type of tank inspected on a regular basis to safeguard that it lasts last as long as possible.


Steel septic tanks are the least popular. The covers can rust, but can also be replaced intermittently, so it is an option. However, if you move into a new home with an older steel tank, be sure to have the entire system inspected.


Fiberglass and plastic tanks are also an option and are less susceptible to rusting and cracking. However, be advised that this type can shift in the soil due to the lower weight and should be inspected regularly.


Additional Considerations


As with anything, the cost to install your septic tank will depend wholly upon the size of the tank. Of course, the larger the tank, the higher the price.


In addition, the cost to install the septic tank will be higher or lower depending upon the amount of digging which we need to do.


You may be required to obtain a building permit for installing your septic system contingent upon the whereabouts and difficulty of the installation.

It’s important to note that you’re working with a professional who is reputable and will ensure your system is correctly installed. Septic tank installation is a complex procedure which can lead to a lot of damage and be exceptionally expensive to repair if done incorrectly the first time. If you have questions to ask about installing a new or replacement septic system on your property in Connecticut, Rhode Island or Massachusetts, give Saviour Septic a call at (860) 425-0744.