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Septic Tank Installation for 4 Bedroom House

Septic systems are used primarily in rural areas where city wastewater treatment facilities are not available.  If your property is located where a public sewer system is unavailable, you’ll need to have a septic system installed to funnel wastewater away from your home.

Depending on the location and complexity of the project, a building permit is normally required when a new system is installed. It’s important that all work is done to code.

This is a septic tank installation project for a four-bedroom residential home located in Eastern Connecticut.

septic tank installation

The property is excavated and the septic tank is installed.

septic tank installation in connecticut

At the completion of the job, the property is ready for seeding grass!













The cost to install a new septic tank put into the ground depends on the amount of digging that is require to prepare the area. The project usually requires a fair amount of excavation with heavy equipment, such as a backhoe. Cost is also affected by the complexity of the job, the type of system installed, and the size and makeup of the tank. Septic tank installation is a complicated process, and it’s essential that the job is done by a reputable professional, licensed and insured – like Saviour Septic!

septic tank diagram

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