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Septic Tank Covers and Risers

Odds are that if you have a septic tank, it is more than likely buried in your front yard or back yard. Obviously, the septic tank cover, lid, or riser will help you to determine where the tank is located. If you aren’t familiar with these terms, you might have questions. Here are a few questions we’ve been asked in the past.

Am I Required to Have a Septic Tank Cover?

Some people believe that the septic tank lid and septic tank cover are one in the same. But, they are not. A septic tank lid is made to cover the opening to the septic tank. You will notice that it is either a flat lid (flush with the ground) or a septic tank riser (raised off the ground). To answer this question, you are required to have a septic tank lid but not a cover. Basically, the lid will provide safety from either children or animals falling into the tank. The septic tank cover is simply designed and colored to appear to be a large rock in your yard. If you don’t like the look of the riser, the cover helps to approve the appearance of the riser.

What is a Septic Tank Riser?

A septic tank riser is approximately anywhere from twelve to thirty inches off the ground. What it does is cover the hole but also provides an opening so you can easily check your fill level effortlessly. It also aids in preventing dirt and grass from growing around the opening, due to the fact that overgrowth will cause the lid to be more difficult to open.

Are There Benefits to Having a Septic Tank Cover?

If you currently have a septic tank riser, a septic tank cover may be something you want. A riser is typically not very attractive. It basically looks like a large rectangular box just sitting in your yard. The cover is intended to improve the aesthetics of the riser. Rather than an unattractive box in your yard, a cover will make it look like you have a large rock instead. The cover can also help in preventing someone from tripping over the riser when playing or doing yard work.

Feel free to give Saviour Septic, LLC a call anytime to discuss your septic tank needs, including to discuss options for lids, covers, and risers.

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