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Septic Tank Collapse

A septic tank cave-in can happen suddenly, without warning. This type of septic system failure isn’t very obvious from above the ground when it’s about to happen. That’s why, if you own a property with an aging septic tank, it’s important to have the entire septic system inspected on a regular basis.

septic tank collapse

Holes in the ground resulting from a septic tank collapse can range from a few inches to many feet wide in diameter. This is an extremely hazardous condition, not only to children or pets who may walk over the area of the yard that’s affected, but also there’s concern in that the waste products inside the tank carry harmful germs and bacteria that give off dangerous methane gas.

A weighty issue

It’s important to be aware of how to prevent a septic tank collapse. Not only is the dirt that covers the tank extremely¬†heavy, be sure that you don’t drive any vehicles or heavy equipment over the surrounding area of the yard where the septic tank is located.

Another concern is an aging tank. You will likely be unaware as it starts to form cracks when it begins to degrade.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Should a septic system emergency occur, and you are a property owner within the state of Connecticut, Saviour Septic is a highly qualified, licensed and insured CT Septic System Contractor, available to respond 24 -hours a day.

We are also available to make on-site septic systems repairs. We can dig up and remove the damaged septic tank and install a brand new one.

poly septic tank installation in CT

In this case, we installed a new poly septic tank to replace the old septic tank that has collapsed.

polyurethane septic tank install

After the job is complete, you can be confident that we will leave your property in good shape, level and smooth condition with our professional excavation services, ready for seeding and the establishment of a brand new lawn.

CT excavation services

CT excavation services


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