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Septic System Repair Job

Mark and the team help out an elderly homeowner who got a big surprise when she went to do her laundry. The home is on a septic system with the main sewer line backing up. She went to use the laundry and everything was backing up downstairs.

Mark’s first approach was to look for cleanout access. Where can his team get inside the main line to blast everything out? It’s better to go from the tank for the machinery with a high-pressure jet. It goes inside the pipe through the inlet baffle. They can then pull everything outside of that line.

Going outside, you’ll see the center of the tank. By code, you’re supposed to have a riser on a septic to¬†within 12 inches of grade. See the green cover? What the pumpers will do is put it over the center cover. You really should have a cover over the inlet as well. It’s about 20 inches down into the ground here. Saviour Septic will install another riser over the inlet. You should have a cover over the outlet as well. On a two-compartment tank, you’re going to have an outlet filter. You are definitely going to need to get to that filter every 12-1 8 months. Pull the filter up and clean it off.

We’re going to gain access to the tank, blast everything out, and show you how everything is working! If you need a septic system repair, call Saviour Septic to “Save Your Septic”!