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Septic System PVC Drain Pipes Installed

Residential properties require drain line and sewer plumbing to carry wastewater outside of the home. Did you know that drain pipes also require a network of ventilation piping that goes up to the roof? Venting keeps sewer gases from circulating back up drains and into living areas.

drain pipes for toilet septic system installation septic system piping

Most plumbing fixtures have curved “traps” sections that hold some water and form an airtight seal to contain gases. Toilets have traps to keep standing water inside the bowl. The toilet drain is the widest drain pipe inside a house.

new sewer drain clean out

All household drains meet up below the house in a main drain in which waste funnels through to a municipal sewer line or septic system. Y-shape piping which is located in the basement or a crawl space provides access for cleanout in case of a clog.

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