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Do Septic System Additives Work?

Proper maintenance of your home’s septic system can mean either a long-lasting, trouble-free system or one that, at the end of the day, ends up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in complications. Nevertheless, there has been much inconsistent and unclear advice about what kind of upkeep is required, especially when it comes to additives.

So, are septic system additives the best way to maintain your system, or are they merely your hard-earned money going down the drain?

Septic Additives

Septic tank additives fall into 2 separate categories: chemical and biological.

The first – chemical – is promoted to open up clogged drains and break up grease and oil. Chemical additives include active ingredients like sulfuric acid, which can be extremely acidic and cause structural damage to your tank.

The second – biological – is made from bacteria, yeast, and enzymes. Biological additives are supposed to work as starter agents in newer systems and increase the proficiency of breaking down the solids in current systems. They are regularly sold as routine maintenance.  You flush them down your toilet on a monthly/weekly basis to guarantee the system’s “balance.”

To be honest, the process that occurs within your septic system is a natural organic progression which does not require any help it do its job.  It’s all hype.

Of specific concern is the assertion that some of these additives will decrease or eliminate the need to pump your septic system on a consistent basis. Pumping your septic tank is crucial to septic system maintenance. Encouraging owners not to pump their septic tanks can have devastating long-term effects.

In 1994, the legislature stated, “Chemical additives do, and other types may, contribute to septic system failure and groundwater contamination. In order to determine which ingredients on non-chemically based additive products have adverse effects on public health or the environment, it is necessary to submit products to a review procedure.”

The Bottom Line

Most septic system chemical additives undoubtedly cause damage to the system, in addition to the environment, and are no longer being sold. Biological additives are pretty much nonthreatening, but nonetheless needless.

Any time there is a possiblity of a problem with your septic system, you should have it assessed by a septic professional.  When it comes to the maintenance of your septic system, Saviour Septic, LLC is here to answer all your questions and service all your needs.