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Plumbing Problems and When to Call a Professional

Common plumbing problems can be avoided with preventative measures. A clogged toilet or a slow drain will sometimes require only a plunger to do the job. Nevertheless, bigger plumbing jobs often require professional attention. Sometimes, attempting to repair common problems like these could actually lead to larger problems later on down the road.  It’s good to know when you need to call a professional.

Plumbing Maintenance for Homeowners and Professional Inspections

A good way to avoid expensive repairs is to have a regular maintenance performed.  Since numerous issues can arise with your pipes rather quickly, an in-depth inspection is vital to discovering small problems before they become big issues. Concealed leaks below water heaters or in drains or pipes are more than just a small worry.  In time, they can be a source of structural damage. Water that soaks into sheetrock or plaster is a cause of mold growth. In addition, wood flooring or porous tile can stain or warp when wet.

A professional inspection performed by a certified Connecticut plumber will give you a more comprehensive story of your home’s drains and pipes. The inspector will take a look at your garbage disposal, water heater, drains, pipes, and every other part of your home plumbing system.

Following a detailed inspection, some of the maintenance a licensed plumber can perform include:

  • Drain treatment to maximize flow rate
  • Cleaning of garbage disposals and water heaters
  • Pressure assessments to spot hairline leaks
  • Water pressure valuation and alteration
  • Common plumbing repairs

A dripping faucet can lead to hundreds of gallons of water a year down the drain – one drop at a time.

Low water pressure might not be related to the pipes in your house but to the municipal water supply.

A running toilet can be caused by complex reasons.

Leaky pipes can be difficult to repair, and a messy job for sure. Your best bet is to always have a professional handle it for you, like the experienced technicians with Saviour Septic.

Slow or clogged drains on a regular basis are definitely reason to call a pro!

Emergency Septic System Service for Plumbing Problems in CT

We offer 24/hour emergency Septic System Service in CT.

Keep our phone number handy. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing and drain cleaning service, so if you were to snap off a valve and have a geyser in your kitchen, you’ll be glad you kept it nearby.

When to Call a Professional Plumber to take care of Plumbing Problems

Some problems are too hazardous or complex to tackle alone. Hire a certified Connecticut plumber for these jobs, not only for your safety but also for the integrity of your home:

  • Installation of new pipes, sinks or tubs
  • Water heater problems
  • New construction which requires a building permit
  • Septic tank leaks
  • Water line leaks
  • Sewer line breaks or leaks

Ignoring small issues can lead to big plumbing problems. Situations like flooding, sewage overflow, plumbing system backups, and more can be prevented. If you have questions, want to schedule a maintenance visit or have a repair emergency, contact Connecticut’s #1 drain cleaning expert – Saviour Septic, LLC.