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Old Cesspool Removal

Pre-cast Concrete Leaching Chambers Installed to Replace Old Cesspool

old cesspool removal CT

The old cesspool was removed.

This project was the removal of an old existing cesspool which was not code-compliant or functioning up to today’s standards. This was yesterday’s thinking and technology.

cesspool removal in connecticut

Next, you see a photo of a modern design underground leaching chamber for this septic system. We are using 4×4 concrete galleries which are installed in very granular soils. This was found to be the case after digging a deep test hole onsite.

Leaching chambers are bottomless concrete boxes that are buried in the ground. Proper installation requires that the chambers are surrounded by crushed stone on the sides and bottom. Concrete leaching chambers are generally installed in a series of three or more units, depending on the anticipated volume of wastewater.

During the installation process of these new concrete septic leaching chambers, we used one foot of stone on each side, and connected one after the other in a straight row.

Mark Kudlach of Saviour Septic, Norwich, CTunderground leach field chamber

Precast concrete leaching galleries are frequently used throughout New England for onsite disposal of sewage effluent.

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