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Do You Need an Effluent Filter for Your Septic System?

What is an effluent filter?

An effluent filter is something that is installed inside of your septic tank. It is intended to replace or improve exit baffles. Wastewater leaves your septic tank and runs through the effluent filter, which then stops any solids from getting dumped into your drainfield. However, you should have a consultation to find out the cost and time involved to have an effluent filter installed in your septic tank, as it will depend on your specific septic system, where it is located, and how old it is.

filter for septic system

What are the advantages of installing an effluent filter in your septic tank?

As previously stated, the whole point of putting in an effluent filter is to stop solids from being dispersed from the septic tank and causing blocks, as well as other trouble. Though, if you have an older septic tank, there is an advantage to installing an effluent filter.

No matter how well you have taken care of your septic system, the exit baffle connection will fall off sooner or later, even if it was made with concrete. Exit baffle connections will generally last about 20-30 years, and if you are changing your exit baffle connection anyhow, you should just replace it with an effluent filter.

Effluent filters are constructed out of PVC and are linked to the pipe which attaches to the tank rather than the tank itself. It was specifically designed to eliminate the risk of anything falling off or rusting.  And, you get a lasting solution for your exit baffle connection

What are the disadvantages of installing an effluent filter?

Although an effluent filter is a great thing to have, you still need to ensure that you take care of it. An effluent filter is not something you can simply install and forget about. You do have to be sure to stay on top of cleaning and maintenance in order to ensure that it stays working properly. If not, it can lead to your septic tank backing up into your home. Therefore, always remember that it is crucial that you clean and replace effluent filters correctly.

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