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How to Mount a Wall-Hung Toilet

The new rage – a wall-hung toilet!

What You Will Need

  •  Wall-Hung Toilet Kit
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver


Understanding how to mount a wall-hung toilet is a chore that is normally left to the professionals, and the experts at Saviour Septic are more than happy to help.  On the other hand, we also love to help our customers save money whenever we can.  Therefore, we have decided to equip you with these instructions on how to mount a wall hung toilet in the event you would like to do it yourself.  Be sure to pay careful attention to detail, and this project will be successful.

Place Gasket

The first step is to place the neoprene gasket onto the bowl outlet. Next, move the bowl toward the wall. Drive the mounting studs through the appropriate holes in the bowl. Ensure that the gasket is in place. Using the proper washers and nuts, put the bowl on the mounting support. Between the bowl gap and your wall, you will be applying a sealant. Be sure to pour water into the bowl so that you will not have any sewer gas leaks.

Attach Tank

Now, take the lid off of the tank and turn it upside down. Slip the donut washer onto the tank outlet. Then, flip the tank back up and lower it onto the bowl accordingly so that the outlet glides uniformly over the inlet opening. Next, you will need to slide the rubber washers over tank bolts, and then slip the bolts into the proper holes in the bowl. Secure the bolts with metal nuts and washers. Make sure that you don’t over tighten the bolts or nuts.  Doing this could cause damage.

Connect Water Line

Connect the water line to the tank with either a straight or an angle stop. Use an angle stop if you have cold water through the wall. Use a straight stop if your cold water comes through the floor. Put a washer and plastic nut onto the connecting pipe on the tank end of the pipe. Next, twist the pipe so that it will attach into the inlet opening on the shutoff valve. Now, be sure to look for any leaks.  If you do find leaks, take corrective action to seal.

Connect Water Inflow Tube

Moving on.  Now you are going to be connecting the plastic hose from the water inflow regulator to the holding ring which is located inside the overflow hose. Note:  If the model wall-hung toilet you purchased requires a flushing lever to be installed, you will do it now. Using a wrench, thread and tighten.

Restore Water Flow

Next, you will restore the water flow to your toilet by opening either the straight or angle stop. Make certain that the water is filling adequately to the proper fill line in order to flush proficiently. Note:  If the water is above the fill line, turn the flow-adjusting screw clockwise. If it is below the fill line, turn the screw counterclockwise.

Attach Lid

Lastly, put the lid on the tank. Connect the plastic bolt covers over the major installation bolts. Fasten the toilet seat by using the manufacturer’s instructions.

Hopefully, we can help you save a little money today and that your wall-hung toilet is perfect!  If not, give Saviour Septic a call, and we’ll be right out to help.