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Leaking Copper Drain Lines Replaced with PVC Piping

Old copper drain lines can erode over time. Hard well water, thinning out over time can cause a big mess with leaking. The drain line hits a 90 degree angle. Green markings on your pipes is an indication of erosion and future leaking. In this project, we installed new PVC piping to replace the failing copper pipes.

Mark hows us the completion of the piping job in which he used Schedule 40 PVC, code compliant, 1785 ASTM. Cleanout access was included in this project. It connects to the cast iron pipes that go out to the septic system. A sweeping Y/45 combination of piping was used so when the water comes down into the septic, it doesn’t just smash at the bottom going both ways, but we’ve provided for a smooth transition. Two 45’s were connected rather than a single 90. Using all Y and 45 connections allows for improved flow of liquid and waste products. Above that, we installed a fernco, a flexible rubber coupling with  stainless steel adapters on it. Another cleanout was added, just as a precaution. We used 4 inch PVC was used, going into a 3 inch PVC line, and now everything should be working great for years to come!

At Saviour Septic, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to Mark and his team.

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