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How to Know Where to Install the Septic Tank

Are you planning on building a new home that is not located on the municipal sewer line?  If so, you will need to plan a septic tank installation. Located right in your backyard, your septic tank system is going to afford your new home safe and effective wastewater treatment. Because your new septic tank’s purpose is to collect and treat all sorts of wastewater, it is vital to ensure that it is placed in the best location, one that is clean and safe. If you are in our service area and are getting ready to install a new septic tank, let us offer you the below tips to help you decide where the tank should go.

septic tank placement

Know Your City and County Guidelines

The Water Supply Board in your city or county has regulations which you must adhere to with regard to the correct placement of your septic tank. City regulations must be carefully reviewed, prior to drawing up the septic system design. For instance, depending on where you live, it could be mandatory that you place your septic tank 50 feet or further from the main structure of your house.

Assess Drainage and Runoff

In order to work properly, the septic tank needs to be put into a site known as a leach field. The leach field gathers the drainage and runoff which flows out of your septic tank. If possible, your leach field should be positioned downhill from the septic tank. If a downhill leach field is not possible, there is the option of installing a lift station. This will ensure that the wastewater is properly dispersed.

Study Neighboring Environmental Considerations

The septic tank company you hire has the responsibility to ensure that your new septic tank location does not pose a hazard to your local environment or eco system. This is important because septic tanks that are situated too close to natural waterways could cause contamination or other health and/or safety hazards. Saviour Septic can provide you with expert advice for all of the above. Our skilled professionals will take the stress away so that you can rest assured that your septic tank has been installed in the best and proper location on your property.

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