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Kitchen Grease Drain Clog in Multi-Family Residence

Kitchen Grease Clog — Sewer Line Backup in Multi-Family House

Saviour Septic’s technician is snaking this drain clogged with baby wipes and kitchen grease for a second time. There were so many baby wipes that had been improperly disposed, that he had to pull the snaking tool¬†back to clear the clog and insert the drain snake again. During the process, Mark is awaiting the flow of clogged material to be released.

And here it comes… Mark steps back to avoid getting splashed from it. Years and years of buildup of kitchen grease and baby wipes in an old clay pipe flowing out! It’s a 6 inch clay pipe flowing out into a 2,000 gallon septic tank in a multi-family house. Mark makes a note to educate everyone in the home as to what should not be thrown into the drain.

kitchen grease clog ct

Kitchen Grease causes a serious clog of a main drain line in a multi-family house in Connecticut.

This is how you clear a main line!

First, Mark and his crew open the drain with the snake tool. Then they use a high pressure jet through the line to ensure it is entirely cleared of the clog. Open flow again!

Be patient to watch as the grease clog moves through with increasing speed and velocity, about halfway through the video.

Mark then shows us the point of entry and a the house trap which was blocking it all and on a septic tank. They used cable machinery as well, going through the clean-out access,and out through a 90 degree pipe angle.