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Know This Before Installing a Swimming Pool

Before installing an above ground or in-ground swimming pool in your yard – especially if you have a septic system on your property – it’s critically important to be aware of the importance of getting the proper permits and adhering to code regulations.

When requesting permits to install a swimming pool, the Connecticut Health Department will determine whether or not to grant a permit based on two separate considerations:

  • If you have the necessary distance between the anticipated pool and septic system
  • Restrictions the pool installation could cause in the event your septic system is in need of repairs in the future

Take a look at what not to do!

install a swimming pool over septic systemswimming pool on top of septic system 
Obviously, the proper code regulations were not followed.  This is a nightmare job for a septic company.

Septic System & Pool Distances

The CT Public Health Code details the separation distances between your septic system and your swimming pool. The distance for an above-ground pool is 10 feet and the distance for an in-ground pool is 25 feet. Therefore, swimming pool installation permits must contain a site plan displaying the location of the septic system, the projected location of the pool, and the distance between the two. You should know, however, that the septic tank does not make up the complete septic system. The leaching system is considerably larger and takes up more real estate than the septic tank alone — it must also be included in the site plan.

If you do not know the location of your septic system, most can be found on “as-built” drawings that should have been done at the time the septic system was built. These documents are typically accessible at the town hall where you live. Keep in mind that these drawings are not to scale, but the measurements should be correct. Once obtained, you can use these measurements to field locate your system. If there is no as-built record of your system location, you will need the assistance of a licensed septic system contractor.

Permit Approval

Prior to granting a permit for pool installation, the CT Department of Health will ask the following question:

When construction is complete, will there be adequate room on your property, and suitable soil conditions to construct a septic system which meets all parts of the Public Health Code?

If the answer is a definite yes, the permit will be approved. If not, there may be a need for an on-site visit by the Health Department. If at that visit they do not find the required information, soil testing will more than likely have to be done. If the code complying area still can’t be determined, the permit will not be approved.

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