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Flushable Wipes Clog a Duplex System

Here we are to show you what can happen when you flush baby wipes, birth control like condoms, “flushable wipes” (those are not truly “flushable” or septic-safe!) down into a pump system at an elevation where you can not move by gravity, so it has to feed into a holding tank. Then, from there, it must be pumped way up a hill!

In this case, the elevation is around 30-35 feet of head pressure. These are very powerful pumps. It’s a duel system. This way, if one pump goes down, the other works and visa-versa. It’s alternating. This system is on a stainless steel slide rail system, so when they do break down, we come out to service it, and we can pop it right back up. We show you here what it looks like.

The stainless steel rails go all the way to the bottom, connected all the way to the base. Then, it’s also connected at the top. One pump works and it draws down and then it rotates to the other one afterward.

You can see what happens when wipes and other synthetic materials get caught in the pumps. It’s really caked in there, and we’ll try to pry it all out with strong pliers.

We will test these pumps once the wipes are removed. This is actually a very quality good pump. This is a Goulds Sewage Pump. It is thermally protected if it gets very hot. It shuts down. Mark and his team will take everything apart and test the system.

Part 2. Synthetic materials do not break down naturally and should not go down the toilet. Wipes and plastic were pulled out of this pump. Mark and his team worked hard to get this sewage system back working again!

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