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Category Archives: Septic System Maintenance

A Septic System vs. Sewer System

This article is especially important for those who are in search of their first home or even just a new home. If you don’t know the difference between a sewer system and a septic system, read on. During your home search, you may have noted that some homes are located on public utility sewer systems […]

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Tree Roots and Your Septic System

Covering your septic system with trees, shrubs, and a dazzling landscape may be pretty, but it could be a disaster. We suggest that the best ground cover for your septic system is only dirt and grass. Any kind of plantings with widespread root systems, particularly trees and shrubs, can pose enormous problems on the endurance […]

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Do You Need an Effluent Filter for Your Septic System?

What is an effluent filter? An effluent filter is something that is installed inside of your septic tank. It is intended to replace or improve exit baffles. Wastewater leaves your septic tank and runs through the effluent filter, which then stops any solids from getting dumped into your drainfield. However, you should have a consultation to […]

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