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Plumbing Snakes vs Hydro-Jetting for a Clogged Drain

A clogged drain eventually becomes an issue for most every homeowner. Food particles, hair, dirt, soap scum, wipes (yes, even flushable wipes can get stuck in the drain pipes), beauty products, feminine hygiene pads and tampons, condoms, cotton swabs, small objects and more can inevitably get trapped in your toilet, sink, and shower drain. A partial blockage […]

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Tree Roots and Your Septic System

Covering your septic system with trees, shrubs, and a dazzling landscape may be pretty, but it could be a disaster. We suggest that the best ground cover for your septic system is only dirt and grass. Any kind of plantings with widespread root systems, particularly trees and shrubs, can pose enormous problems on the endurance […]

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How to Know Where to Install the Septic Tank

Are you planning on building a new home that is not located on the municipal sewer line?  If so, you will need to plan a septic tank installation. Located right in your backyard, your septic tank system is going to afford your new home safe and effective wastewater treatment. Because your new septic tank’s purpose […]

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Septic Tank Collapse

A septic tank cave-in can happen suddenly, without warning. This type of septic system failure isn’t very obvious from above the ground when it’s about to happen. That’s why, if you own a property with an aging septic tank, it’s important to have the entire septic system inspected on a regular basis. Holes in the […]

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Septic Tank Installation for Newbies

Septic Tank Installation For those of you who may have a home that is not attached to a municipal sewer plant, you probably have a septic system to gather your wastewater, treat and dispose of it. A system such as this needs a septic tank together with a soil absorption system to be set up […]

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