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Plumbing Problems and When to Call a Professional

Common plumbing problems can be avoided with preventative measures. A clogged toilet or a slow drain will sometimes require only a plunger to do the job. Nevertheless, bigger plumbing jobs often require professional attention. Sometimes, attempting to repair common problems like these could actually lead to larger problems later on down the road.  It’s good […]

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Leaking Copper Drain Lines Replaced with PVC Piping

Old copper drain lines can erode over time. Hard well water, thinning out over time can cause a big mess with leaking. The drain line hits a 90 degree angle. Green markings on your pipes is an indication of erosion and future leaking. In this project, we installed new PVC piping to replace the failing copper […]

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Old Leaking Cast Iron Pipe

Old cast iron plumbing pipe can erode and leak. Look at the mess that happened to this homeowner. Fortunately, Saviour Septic was able to replace the old piping with new sch 40 code complying PVC with a clean out access.

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