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What is the Best Toilet Paper to Use for Your Septic Tank?

To have a longer lasting and maintained septic tank system, know that it really does not need any specific kind of toilet paper.  In fact, almost all national or store brands of toilet paper should actually be safe for your septic tank. Many manufacturers have their product tested in order to be assured that is will dissolve properly in septic tanks. The National Sanitation Foundation performs tests on toilet paper and then includes its certification seal on the products which have proven safe and which properly dissolve in septic tanks.

Just so you know, your toilet paper’s brand or ply has little to no consequence on how well it dissolves.

Reasons for Internal Blockages

In the standard septic tank process, toilet tissue dissolves and ultimately develops into the sludge at the bottom of your tank. However, be sure to never flush paper goods like paper towels, napkins, and any type of paper, including newspaper.  In addition, be sure to properly dispose of hygiene products, such as tampons and baby wipes.  These items do not dissolve and can ultimately cause internal blockages in your lines or even in the septic tank itself. So always keep in mind and remember not to flush products such as the above, and only limit flushing to toilet paper.

toilet paper for septic system

In conclusion, forget about the brand or the ply. Follow the six-sheet rule. In other words, tear off no more than six sheets for use. Usually, that will be more than enough. Sometimes you may need to repeat. This will still be far better than wadding it up.

And, on a final note, septic systems have been known to last an additional 5+ years by using toilet paper which is sold and used for campers and RV’s. It is a little more expensive but instantly disappears when coming into contact with water.