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Benefits of Filtered Water

There are many benefits to drinking filtered water.  Common contaminants are removed by using a water filter, such as Arsenic, Aluminum, Disinfection Byproducts, and Fluoride.

So, what about using bottled water instead?  Surprisingly, at least 40% of bottled water is actually bottled tap water.  Plus, there are additional concerns and risks associated with drinking bottled water:  The bottles are made with chemicals which disrupt hormones causing other health problems, and the bottles are also a major pollutant for our earth.

Filtered Water is Healthier than Bottled Water

By filtering your drinking water at home, you will not only be doing your part to help the environment but also be creating a healthier you.

So, here are the best reasons to filter your household water:

  • Filtered water is essential to your health.
  • Filtered tap water is more affordable than bottled water.
  • It’s healthier than “vitamin” waters, distilled water, and alkaline water.
  • Filtered water tastes better than regular tap water.
  • It defends us from disease and leads to generally better health.
  • It eliminates cryptosporidium and giardia, reducing the risk of getting the gastrointestinal disease.
  • Fresh, clean water is important for children’s developing immune system.
  • It’s better for the environment than plastic water bottles.
  • It improves skin hydration.

Kinds of Water Filtration Systems

There are 2 kinds of water filtration systems:

1.)  Point of Use – Also known as Undersink

A Point of Use Water Filtration System concentrates on lessening damaging contaminants like sediment, lead, chlorine taste and odor, cysts, dissolved solids, chemicals, bacteria, virus, and pharmaceuticals.

2.)  Point of Entry – Also known as Whole Home

A Point of Entry Water Filtration System attaches to the main water entry line and filters all water coming into your home and concentrates on lessening sediment to deliver healthier water to your entire home.

People with wells tend to need a whole home solution.

If you would like to upgrade or make improvements to your current well or city water connection to your home, Saviour Septic can help! We are experienced in routine as well as emergency repairs to water lines (including pipe erosion) to ensure your home systems are properly functioning and serving your family well!