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Backed Up Sewer Line

Mark at Saviour Septic shows what can happen if you have a backed up sewer line that is left unattended. There’s raw sewage – human waste and toilet paper all over the basement floor! Here’s what we call a house trap. It’s an outdated way of thinking. Mark likes to remove house traps, as you can see what can happen!

Saviour Septic resolves issues like this — clearing the line out, conducting a video inspection, finding the source of the problem and solving it.

Sometimes what seems to be a simple plumbing repair job quickly becomes more involved. If you open a house trap and the public sewer line is backed up, this could be disastrous. If your property is located in Connecticut, give Saviour Septic a call first to prevent a sewage emergency. An experienced and licensed professional can be trusted to advise you on even simple preventive measures any homeowner might encounter.

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