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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Septic Tank Covers and Risers

Odds are that if you have a septic tank, it is more than likely buried in your front yard or back yard. Obviously, the septic tank cover, lid, or riser will help you to determine where the tank is located. If you aren’t familiar with these terms, you might have questions. Here are a few […]

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Low-Maintenance Septic System Care

Many people falsely believe that caring for a septic tank is expensive. Some may actually refuse to buy a home that they love because of a septic tank. There’s a misrepresentation that you have to purchase all kinds of chemicals and have the tank pumped often. Honestly, a well-cared for tank is quite low-cost and will save […]

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Do You Need an Effluent Filter for Your Septic System?

What is an effluent filter? An effluent filter is something that is installed inside of your septic tank. It is intended to replace or improve exit baffles. Wastewater leaves your septic tank and runs through the effluent filter, which then stops any solids from getting dumped into your drainfield. However, you should have a consultation to […]

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