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Monthly Archives: August 2017

How to Know Where to Install the Septic Tank

Are you planning on building a new home that is not located on the municipal sewer line?  If so, you will need to plan a septic tank installation. Located right in your backyard, your septic tank system is going to afford your new home safe and effective wastewater treatment. Because your new septic tank’s purpose […]

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Soil Filtration in Your Septic System

Drain Field Soil Believe it or not, soil plays a key function in the proper operation of your septic system. Most people don’t actually recognize the importance of the kind of soil used in their drain field. In fact, bad soil can be a chief cause of septic system failure. You see, soil works as […]

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Ejector Pump Burnout

Ejector pump burnout can happen when baby wipes, makeup wipes, and similar materials are tossed into the toilet bowl. This is most risky if you have a basement level bathroom and there is an ejector pump in use. Those wipes do not break down sufficiently to make it through the propellers inside the pump machine. […]

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Septic Tank Collapse

A septic tank cave-in can happen suddenly, without warning. This type of septic system failure isn’t very obvious from above the ground when it’s about to happen. That’s why, if you own a property with an aging septic tank, it’s important to have the entire septic system inspected on a regular basis. Holes in the […]

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