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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Flushable Wipes Clog a Duplex System

Here we are to show you what can happen when you flush baby wipes, birth control like condoms, “flushable wipes” (those are not truly “flushable” or septic-safe!) down into a pump system at an elevation where you can not move by gravity, so it has to feed into a holding tank. Then, from there, it […]

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We Help Save Your Septic!

Septic System Repair Job Mark and the team help out an elderly homeowner who got a big surprise when she went to do her laundry. The home is on a septic system with the main sewer line backing up. She went to use the laundry and everything was backing up downstairs. Mark’s first approach was […]

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Old Cesspool Removal

Pre-cast Concrete Leaching Chambers Installed to Replace Old Cesspool This project was the removal of an old existing cesspool which was not code-compliant or functioning up to today’s standards. This was yesterday’s thinking and technology. Next, you see a photo of a modern design underground leaching chamber for this septic system. We are using 4×4 concrete […]

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Kitchen Grease Drain Clog in Multi-Family Residence

Kitchen Grease Clog — Sewer Line Backup in Multi-Family House Saviour Septic’s technician is snaking this drain clogged with baby wipes and kitchen grease for a second time. There were so many baby wipes that had been improperly disposed, that he had to pull the snaking tool back to clear the clog and insert the drain […]

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Business is Jamming!

Business is great, and for that, Mark is grateful! Some people might say when business gets this busy that it’s overwhelming. But it’s not something to complain about! When there’s work coming in and lots of business happening, the phone is ringing and demands on our time may seem endless, but the main thing is […]

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