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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Don’t Flush!

What Not to Put into Your Septic System Don’t flush the following items to be disposed into your septic system — cat litter, coffee grounds, cooking fats, heavy duty wet-strength paper towels that don’t dissolve easily, disposable diapers, feminine products (pads or tampons), condoms, facial tissues, flushable wipes (they are NOT safe for your septic!), […]

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When to Pump Your Septic Tank

Do you know when it’s time to pump your septic tank? Proper maintenance is essential to extend the life expectancy of your home septic system. The simplest way to keep everything flowing smoothly is to know when to have your tank pumped and do it regularly. Septic tanks need to be pumped periodically to clear out […]

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5-star Google Review!

“We had a septic system emergency with a seriously clogged toilet preventing flushing and backing up into showers! We were horrified and panicked. Mark and the crew from Saviour Septic showed up quickly and tended to the issue. It required mechanical snaking. After the clog was cleared and drains were flowing again, Saviour Septic made […]

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Well-X-Trol Well Pump Storage Tanks Installed – Shallow & Deep

This project was an installation of well pump storage tanks for both a shallow and deep well pump system. Q. What’s the difference between a “shallow” and a “deep” jet pump? A shallow well jet pump can pull water from a maximum of 25’ depth-to-water. A shallow well jet pump has a nozzle and a […]

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Why We Use PVC Pipes

Do you know why we use PVC pipes when upgrading old plumbing systems? New schedule 40 PVC pipe was installed on this project to replace old leaking copper drain lines that were preexisting in this home. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) piping is now the most widely used plastic piping material. PVC is a thermoplastic made of 57% chlorine […]

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Septic System PVC Drain Pipes Installed

Residential properties require drain line and sewer plumbing to carry wastewater outside of the home. Did you know that drain pipes also require a network of ventilation piping that goes up to the roof? Venting keeps sewer gases from circulating back up drains and into living areas. Most plumbing fixtures have curved “traps” sections that hold […]

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Well Pump Installation

If you don’t have city water available, you need to install a well system to provide your home with clean, safe drinking water. A well pump extracts water from underground resources. It is the heart of your home’s electromechanical operations. There are a variety of well pumps available. A typical well water system pulls water from […]

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Backed Up Sewer Line

Mark at Saviour Septic shows what can happen if you have a backed up sewer line that is left unattended. There’s raw sewage – human waste and toilet paper all over the basement floor! Here’s what we call a house trap. It’s an outdated way of thinking. Mark likes to remove house traps, as you can see […]

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