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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Septic Tank Installation for 4 Bedroom House

Septic systems are used primarily in rural areas where city wastewater treatment facilities are not available.  If your property is located where a public sewer system is unavailable, you’ll need to have a septic system installed to funnel wastewater away from your home. Depending on the location and complexity of the project, a building permit is normally required when […]

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Meet Mark Kudlach Jr., Owner of Saviour Septic

Mark Kudlach talks about his company, Saviour Septic, located in Taftville, CT, and how home owners can learn more about how to properly maintain a residential septic system. Mark plans on offering more videos related to residential and commercial septic systems, with plenty of of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tips included as well. You’ll see real-life examples of serious plumbing system […]

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Late Night Emergency Water Line Repair

Mark from Saviour Septic responds to an emergency water line repair job in Deep River, Connecticut. What a mess! Water was peculating up through the grass and all the way down to the sidewalk on Christmas Eve – Eve. From the sidewalk all the way down to the driveway, and trickling all the way down […]

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How to Avoid a Septic Bill!

Mark from Saviour Septic talks about a common problem he hears from homeowners with a septic system with a leaching field. They call and say, “Everything is backing up.” Typically, they’ll continue, “I have a washing machine downstairs, it’s backing up all over the floor, there’s water everywhere, there’s sewage everywhere! It stinks. It’s disastrous. […]

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Leaking Copper Drain Lines Replaced with PVC Piping

Old copper drain lines can erode over time. Hard well water, thinning out over time can cause a big mess with leaking. The drain line hits a 90 degree angle. Green markings on your pipes is an indication of erosion and future leaking. In this project, we installed new PVC piping to replace the failing copper […]

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